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3 Tips To Building Your Personal Brand


In an ocean full of online marketers, how do you expect to make sales and generate leads if you look the same as everyone else? Almost every online marketer is doing the same things nowadays and, surprise, they’re achieving the same results. It’s time to differentiate yourself and stick out.

Here are three tips for building your personal brand online.

1. Create lots of videos.

Video helps you establish rapport faster. Also, it shows people that you’re a real person, not some invisible marketer out to get their dollars. By doing tons of videos of yourself, you’ll get people to remember your voice and face. A tactic that people often use in their videos is to introduce themselves by saying “Hey, I’m [name] from [site]” or “Hey, I’m [name], the [cool nickname or title]”. So every time people think of you, they’ll think of your site, your nickname, or even your product.

2. Interact with your followers and prospects.

You can get yourself a pretty good reputation if your email newsletter is decent or if your product rocks. However, you can make yourself look even better by talking to your customers, subscribers, and prospects on a video or, better yet a free, interactive training webinar. People love it when experts take time out of their busy schedules to just talk with average people like themselves or to answer their questions. By giving people your personal attention, you’ll have customers for life. As a bonus, you’ll get talked about and that is the most powerful advertising you can get.

3. Have excellent customer service.

Customer service doesn’t only apply to those who have their own products. It also applies to anybody who has an email list or blog readers for example. To make things simpler, let’s say that you do have a product or service that you’re selling. If you sell a hundred copies and all one hundred customers are satisfied with your product, then you’re good. However, if even one of them has a problem with you or your product, then you better take care of that customer. You’ll be surprised at how frustrating customers can be – they’ll file PayPal disputes, they’ll try and get charges reversed on their credit cards, they’ll go on forums and flame you, and they’ll email you incessantly demanding money back or free stuff. It takes skill to deal with such customers. Luckily, there aren’t too many of these people out there. In the end, if you have bad customer service, people will tell others about it. If you have good customer service, you won’t have any problems, but nobody will find it remarkable. However, if you have excellent customer service, you’ll make a lot of people very happy and those people will spread the word that you’re a respectable and trusted marketer.

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Gifts For Family Reunion


When it comes to partying, nobody does it better than family. Family reunion gifts are fun to buy, fun to give, and fun to receive, and are often given as a token or gesture of love and loyalty. A good family reunion gift should be thoughtful and personal. Family reunions are a time to re-affirm ties within the family and reconnect to one’s family heritage. It is the time when all generations of the family get together, recalling the memories of years gone by and discussing new ideas. The best way to express feelings for each other is by sharing and giving gifts, which serve as a token of your love and care.

When considering gifts for a family reunion there are many different things to choose from to make the occasion memorable: t-shirts, key chains, or maybe presenting the eldest member with a plaque to mark the event.

Signing the guest book is a great idea, with various members sharing jokes, poems, or quotes on the. Then you can take a family photograph on the reunion day, put it in a beautiful frame and present it to all the members. Specially designed t-shirts or caps, with a special logo or a picture of the oldest family members, are another idea.

You can choose a pen stand with the family name engraved on it. For kids, the best gifts would be chocolates, toys or cookies. For adults, giving personalized bags or wallets could be a good idea. The gift ideas are endless, but the main thing that matters is the emotional and sentimental value attached to the gift.

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Cheap Wedding Favors

Category:Wedding Favors

Depending on the size of your wedding the budget for your wedding favors can be very important. This is important because you may be planning on allowing for one favor for each guest or one for each couple. Whichever you decide to do, if you are having a large number of guests it may greatly impact the amount you can afford to spend on each favor. If you are only have a few guests you may be able to splurge on more expensive favors. However, if you are having a large number of guests on a limited budget you should consider searching for cheap wedding favor ideas.

Candles are one of the simplest ideas for cheap wedding favors. You can find simple candles available at very affordable prices. You might even consider purchasing personalized ribbons to tie pretty bows around the candles. These ribbons can usually be ordered and may include your names and the wedding date. This may sound like a pricey item but if you purchase these ribbons on a reel instead of precut it can be very affordable. A simple taper candle tied with your personalized ribbon can be placed at each place setting to create a really inexpensive wedding favor.

Candy is another cheap wedding favor idea. You find a number of different ways to give out candy as an inexpensive wedding favor. One way to do this is to purchase a pretty fabric and some ribbon, cut the fabric into small squares, put a few small pieces of candy on each square and pull the corners together and tie with the ribbon. This is not only a very inexpensive wedding favor idea but it is also a very simple idea which can be assembled at the last minute. Another way to use candy as a wedding favor is to purchase small tins and fill them with the candy of your choice. You can purchase the candy in bulk to keep the price down and separate the candy into small portions for each guest. A final way to give candy as a wedding favor is to buy candy bars with personalized wrappers. The wrappers can include your name and wedding date and even a picture of the two of you. This can be very affordable especially if you are ordering in bulk and are only using one design for the wrappers.

Packets of flower or vegetable seed also make great wedding favors which are also very inexpensive. You can stack up a few different types of seeds and tie each with a ribbon to create an attractive presentation which will not blow your budget. Another way to give flower or vegetable seeds as a wedding favor is to put the seeds in a small pot. The pot does not have to be big enough to grow the flower or vegetable it is merely a symbolic gift so it can be rather small. The pot only needs to be large enough to hold the packets of seeds. This is important because small pots can be purchased rather inexpensively while larger pots will be significantly more expensive.

Another great idea for a wedding favor which is also very affordable is pen with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date inscribed on the pen. These can often be purchased for very little and can be paired with stationary and a note encouraging your guests to stay in touch. This is such a great idea for a wedding favor because it is something your gests can really use plus by including some stationary and a note encouraging the guest to stay in touch you are letting them know you truly value their friendship. You might want to even consider including a self addressed stamped envelop with the favor so your guest will be more likely to follow your suggestion and send you at least a short note after the wedding.

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