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An Update on Hand Sanitizer

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Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are no longer accepting any new orders for hand sanitizer until further notice.

We have to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has been so patient with us as we process hundreds of orders for millions of sanitizers! (Crazy, right?) Above all else, we want to be transparent throughout this process so you don’t have to wonder.

Although we have reached our production capacity for now, we don’t expect to be out-for-the-count forever! Stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram , or check out our website. We’ll let you know when we’re accepting orders again.

If you placed an order on or before March 9th, but haven’t heard from us yet, don’t panic! We’re doing our best to fulfill all orders that we have currently in-house. To expedite the process, please approve your proof as soon as possible. Orders will be processed in the order they were received.

We appreciate all our distributor partnerships and are committed to providing quality products and service. 

Please visit our site and call for availibitily 916.488.3300

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Customer Appreciation Items


Whether you run an online or an offline business, business promotion materials are wonderful incentives to customers. Plus, it’s a good way to market your business in a fun way. What’s more, in some cases you can give away items as incentives and appreciation but you can also sell them and give them away as prizes.

Items like calendars, pens, whiteboards, mugs, mouse pads, loyalty cards, gift certifications, portable USB chargers, t-shirts and more are all good things to give to customers to show appreciation. A really good example of a customer appreciation gift is the recipe sharing site After you’ve been a member for a while, they send you a chef’s apron with their logo on it. It’s good quality apron that you would be proud to own.

Here are some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.

T-shirts – People love wearing interesting t-shirts with clever sayings. If your business is the type of business that this will work for, try sending new members, or clients who order over a certain amount, a free t-shirt as a thank you. SHOP OUR T-SHIRTS CLICK HERE

Gift Certificates – These are excellent for service-based businesses to give to clients who have referred you to a paying client. Then they can buy some of your services or use the gift certificate to cut their normal bill. You’re still making money because you only send this out when you get paid by the new client they referred.  SEE MORE GIFT CERTIFICATS and IDEAS

Pens and Pads – Do you have a writing inner circle? While most people write on their computers today, if people are paying good money for a membership and maintain it for six months or a year, send them a thank you gift like a pen and pad set to encourage more writing. Learn More >>>

USB or Custom Memory Cards – Use these in place of business cards to hand out to people at networking events. Put something on the Custom USB so that when they plug it in to their device they learn more about your business. Make it usable too.   Get Some Today Shop Here 

Gift Cards – If you keep track of what your clients like, you can quickly determine what type of gift card they’d like. You can send these with a personalized card and message so that they remember who gave it. See more gift cards

Calendars – Are you a VA or a life coach? If so, what better gift to give than a customized calendar? Instead of random images you can also use quotes, tips and motivational information that helps your client each time they look at it.  See some of our calendars

Loyalty Cards – When you’ve had a client or customer for a long time, you want to recognize that. A great way to do that is to give them a special loyalty card that entitles them to earn points toward freebies or bonus items that you’ve already picked out. Credit card companies aren’t the only ones who can do this.  See more options click here

The trick is to pick something that your audience will enjoy or find useful. You can make them smile, think fondly of you, or you can make them thankful for you each time they use the item you send. Both are good choices for any business that wants to put their customers first.

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