Ad specialties may be most effective

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Ad specialties may be most effective


Everyone loves a little swag (stuff we all get). If you’ve marked advertising specialties (SWAG) off of your list of ad resources, consider putting them back on. According to a recent report from the Advertising Specialty Institute, ad specialties are more cost-effective than print, radio and television ad formats.

The study found that business people over age 21 were more likely to remember the marketer of an advertising specialty for a received project (84%), to have a more favorable impression of the advertiser (42%) and were more likely to do future business with that advertiser (24%). Plus, more than 80% of consumers reported keeping these ‘gifts’ because they were useful, which means their friends, family and co-workers also see a marketer’s products in action.

“During a time when we’re facing turbulent economic conditions, this research advises marketers and business owners to invest in advertising specialties now more than ever,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute. “Ad specialties are essentially gifts that break through the information clutter, reach consumers on a personal level, and provide real impact in a creative way.”

Just how cost effective are these ad types? On average the cost-per-impression of an advertising specialty is $0.004. By comparison the average CPI of a magazine ad is $0.033, a cable television ad is $0.007 and a newspaper ad is $0.0129.


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