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Create Production Ready Artwork

Artwork should be submitted in vector format with all fonts converted to outlines. Please include any additional information which will help process art submissions quickly and accurately. Artwork must always include NEW ORDER,  P.O.# or Invoice #  in the subject of the email and contact information in the body of the email. Orders without correct NEW ORDER,  P.O.# or Invoice #  referenced will be rejected by the factory. We recommend submitting a mock-up of the art on the item for comparison. Factory cannot be responsible for errors otherwise.
Note: Artwork will be sized to maximum available imprint area unless otherwise specified on Order /  Purchase Order.
Acceptable File Size: Up to 7.0 MB in size
Acceptable Formats: Illustrator (CC or earlier), vector based AI, EPS or PDF files.
Non-vectored Photoshop (CC and earlier, 300 dpi at 100% size only) and TIFF (hi res, b/w only) files that are saved as 8-bit CMYK or grayscale can be used for VibraTecSM 4-Color Process Printing, 4-Color Process Digital Labels, Heat Transfers and other full color digital applications. Note: We do not accept either Word files or CorelDraw files for art submission.
QR Codes: Vectoring and ink bleed can slightly alter the QR Codes and therefore, the factory cannot guarantee readability. Not recommended.
Art Charges: Should your art require improvements that incur a charge, you will be contacted with an estimate before any work is done. Art charges are billed at $75(X) per hour. $20(X) minimum billed.
Submission: To avoid delays please submit the art with the order at: . If the art and the order are not being submitted together send art to: .

 If your attachments exceed 10 MB, please contact customer service for delivery instructions. We strongly encourage vector artwork or high resolution images with minimum 300 dpi/150 lpi in the following formats: JPEG, PSD, TIF, PNG, EPS, PDF, AI, PS. Halftones or grayscale will not be accepted for items requiring silkscreen, pad print or laser engraved imprints.

Files containing text must include fonts or text converted to paths. Artwork must be sized to approximate imprint area for best results. Faxed or drawn artwork cannot be reproduced and may require design time billed at $90.00(c).  Artwork will be returned upon request. Art for repeat orders is kept on file by purchase order number for 12 months.

The file you supply for one to  four-color process,  by default, should be CMYK and not RGB color space. If you are unfamiliar with this terminology don’t worry, we will help with this page and if necessary we can convert it for you.

What Exactly is Camera Ready Art?
Nearly all of the steps necessary in creating a camera-ready art file occur in the beginning, when the document is first created. Once properly setup you can proceed with confidence that your designs will print as intended.

Cameraready is a common term used in the commercial printing industry meaning that a document is, from a technical standpoint, ready to “go to press”, or be printed. It could be as simple as a logo, or even just one or more words of text, but it is still called “the artwork.” Camera Ready Art is the term used in the printing industry referring to a digital document that is ready to be printed.  Learn more >>>

We accept the following file Format: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF.
Prices include processing one set of uploaded files and creating a single digital proof. For more on stationery preparations click here

A vector image is an image made up of lines and curves that are stored as mathematical formulas, and can be moved freely or modified without losing detail or clarity. Whereas a bitmapped image will lose clarity when rescaled, the vector graphic can be scaled indefinitely without losing clarity. 

The example below shows the effect of a bitmap graphic versus the vector graphic. When zoomed in, the bitmapped image appears jagged, whereas the vector graphic appears clear and crisp.  Learn more at Berber Corp / UltraTech’s Preparing Files clcik here

Unacceptable artwork consist of low resolution images, normally pulled or downloaded from the internet.  Please be careful and check the DPI and type of artwork you are trying to submit or upload, We have created a page of unacceptable art to assist you with this task. Click here to learn more