Sample Policy

Sample Policy

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e at Berber Corp / UltraTech and  make every attempt to make your buying experience efficient, comprehensive, and satisfactory. We understand the need to view a sample of the products. We offer several options from virtual samples to actual item samples to help make your decision making experience easier. For business card samples please click here

Most samples are FREE and are randomly imprinted or blank, samples are available at no charge for most items, in some cases you must pay the shipping cost  or provide your shipper account number. Sample items totaling $3.00 or more are billed to you at EQP and are subject to rebate*. Some items under high demand require payment even if value under $3.00 and you will be notified prior to shipping and processing. Shipping is non-refundable and is paid for by you or billed to your shipper number on all items.  All sample items will require a carrier ( UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc )  and account number or prepayment via credit card ( AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA). Submit a request ticket now    Request Sample now


* Price paid for any sample will be rebated at time of purchase of the same item in at least our minimum quantity. If you are a client with a minimum of $1,500 in annual purchases,  a sample allowance is available up to 3% of the previous year’s net purchases.  Qualifying invoices must be at regular catalog prices and paid within terms.  The allowance can be used for random samples.  These allowances must be requested by Mar 1 and used by Nov 30 each year Request Sample nowpicture



Specific samples or pre-production sample are available at at varied cost, depending on manufacturer, normally including setup fee, mold charges, item cost and other factors that may apply. You may request a spec sample or pre-production from your Berber Account Manager and thy will give you exact cost in a written quote. All spec samples like our random samples are fully refundable with an order of the exact same item.  Any changes may require an additional setup or mold charge. A pre-production sample is imprinted at the manufacturer process with your specific logo and/or copy. A pre-production proof or sample, is a process where we actually set-up one item on an appropriate print press and customize accordingly. We then ship the sample to you for your approval.  Request Sample now

Why aren’t the samples free?

There were three factors driving up some enormous costs, 
1. Having to pay for the item and shipping-
2. High costs to manage the returns, warehouse, and inventory. 
3. Our Staff spending time contacting the “I will return those items” people who were not doing so. All of our customers are savvy business people, so you well know we had to pass those costs on to our customers by raising prices, or find a better way. The better way is you pay in advance for the sample, and we will credit you the item price once you place an order, thereby the sample itself is free. You will still need to pay the actual shipping cost, and we are more then happy to ship on your shipper number
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There are costs and time tables associated with this process. Since all of the screens, films, debossing imprint plates, set-ups, color separations, digitizing, etc.. needs to be completed prior to running a sample, we will charge the listed price that corresponds to the item, print process and colors of imprint.

Estimated costs will vary from $30 – $500 depending on the item, set up process and work that needs to be performed. The factory will have to add this one item into their work flow, and slow production of larger running orders, they are happy to do it for us, but they do charge for the high level of effort & work it requires. We ask that you pay only the actual costs of this process. 

The process itself can take anywhere from 5 to 30 business days depending on the item and work that needs to be performed. Full production will be scheduled after proof approval. 
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More About Samples

Paper Proofs
A paper proof is a faxed or emailed proof of your logo as it will appear or in the size it will be printed on the item(s) ordered. All non rush orders may request a paper proof. Additional charges may apply. Rush orders of 7 days or less automatically waive the paper proof option in order to meet delivery deadlines..t

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We strive to provide you the best possible service ans look forward to serving you. We have included serveral sections in this website to help make getting your catalog, order or sample request done a fast as possible.
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We offer Overnight, 2nd day air, 3 day air, or ground shipping of samples shipped either on your account number, or shipped on ours. We ship Fed#Ex, UPS and in some cases USPS and are willing to ship most methods that you choose if acvailable to us.

We always will offer a full credit for the cost of that sample against an order placed with Berber Corp / UltraTech  within 90 days from receipt. If multiple samples are ordered, we only offer credit against the actual items that are ordered, not all samples.

Most samples are sent directly from our nationwide network of manufacturing facilities. We do not accept returned samples for credit, we are simply far too overstocked on samples. Usually the cost you will absorb to ship the return is more than the item price itself. We will make certain exceptions for high priced items. Please contact your Account Representative for questions.

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We reserve the right to refuse service without disclosing a reason.

Please review our AUP & Terms Page and Refund & Cancellation Policy and Privacy Statement and FAQ’s Page also


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